Variant - 9К

    “VARIANT-9K” – portable pocket type device-indicator, which allows to determine the moisture content of grains and oilseeds, selected by the Customer. Device has: permanent and automatic control of battery discharge with light, signals about need to supply elements replace; auto power off after work termination; digital high-brightness display showing moisture value in absolute units. All this, as well as absence of necessity to grind and weigh the sample, make this device convenient and easy to use. Device has proved itself perfectly for accurate control of conditioned raw materials. “Variant-9K” had passed successfully laboratory and production tests and has positive recalls from customers for the past 10 years. It is used mainly when the grain is taken on mills, oil-processing and other agricultural enterprises during the grain laying for storage.

Recall Variant-9К
Controlled cultures: wheat, barley, rye, oats, buckwheat, corn, sunflower, wet sunflower.
Information display

digital, in absolute and relative humidity terms

Moisture determination range, % abs. 5 - 18
The error in moisture determination, % abs. + (0,1 - 0,8)
Fraction of samples not milled
The required minimum volume of controlled sample, ml 40
Time of determination, sec tо 20
Mass, kg 0,3
Overall dimensions, mm 202 х 80 х 30
Supply, V
  6 (4 batteries on 1,5 V)
Warranty period of operation 12 months