Variant 11

    EXPRESS – INDICATOR  «VARIANT – 11» - handheld portable multirange device for express determination of humidity of crops,  oilseeds and other agricultures. Device has extended service and can be calibrated to 20 cultures having each two adjustment. Paged memory organization allows quickly finding needed culture and switch device on its graduation characteristic. Presence of container makes possible working with the finely chopped culture fraction. Indication of device, made on LCD display, allows user to control  selected culture, mode of operation, result of determination  of humidity  in  % abs. and battery condition. Backlight was provided in device for working in poor lighting. Conception of device creation provides it’s using for determination of humidity of bulk substance with precision, type and fraction,  required  for customer, - with minimal expenses to readjusting and graduation. Device had passed successful laboratory, field and producting tests and is exploited on Ukrainian enterprises.

Отзыв Вариант-11


Controlled cultures: wheat, barley, rye, oats, soybeans, sunflower,     rape, mustard, poppy, corn, millet, buckwheat, peas, alfalfa.
Information display

digital in absolute percentage of humidity

Moisture determination range, % abs. 5 - 30
The error in moisture determination, % abs. + (0,4 - 1,0)
Fraction of samples not milled
The required minimum volume of controlled sample, ml 60
Time of determination, sec to 10
Mass, kg 0,35
Overall dimensions, mm 160х84х52
Supply, V
  6 (4 batteries on 1,5 V)
Warranty period of operation 12 months