New Farmer

    «New-FARMER» compact portable device, intended for express-determination of moisture content   of cereals   and   oilseeds   crops.   It  is  answer   to  the social  order  of the  widest  range  of consumers, beginning from small farms to large  agricultural   enterprises.
    This    device    combines   in  itself   minimum    cost, simplicity and  reliability  in    exploitation with modern element base and enhanced service capabilities, with new generation indicators and control of battery discharge.  Displaying of result of moisture  determination   is   digital  in   absolute units    (without  using  conversion   tables).     «New-Farmer»  is      able      to determine  humidity     of 8     cultures, programmed into its memory.    Customer,  buying  device,  can order necessary   for him crop list,  with  which he  will work.   Express– hygrometer has passed successful    laboratory    and  industrial   tests, and has positive  consumer reviews.

Отзывы NEW-Фермер


Controlled cultures: wheat, barley, rye, oats, buckwheat, corn, sunflower, wet sunflower.
Information display

digital, in absolute and relative humidity terms

Moisture determination range, % abs. 5 - 38
The error in moisture determination, % abs. +/- (0,5 - 1,2)
Fraction of samples not milled
The required minimum volume of controlled sample, ml 60
Time of determination, sec tо 30
Mass, kg 0,3
Overall dimensions, mm 100 х 67 х 33
Supply, V
  9(type "Crone" battery)
Warranty period of operation 12 months