Magnetic iron control systems are presented by control-diagnostic complexes for control of crushed ore  CDC-ECM and pulp control systems: tailings and iron-ore concentrate SKPU-RCM.

Control-diagnostic system (CDC) permits to control the crushed ore flow to its grinding. It allows operator respond quickly to changes in the magnetic iron content in the ore feed at the flux formation time. This leads to minimization of vibrations on the quality of supplied raw materials, which as a result ensures increasing of conditioned product performance. Ability of remotely control and data archiving allows you to organize factories working with minimal losses.

Concrete CDC installation site is chosen by the customer from calculation of the most effective complex using in technological process of iron-ore concentrate receipt by RFF. The blocks which are included in the CDC, should be placed in the following locations. - iron magnetic sensor - under the conveyor belt, which supplies crushed ore directly before grinding. - indication and local control block; interface unit; coordination unit - in operator’s room at the place of mill location (section). - a personal computer with application software is in control room, in laboratory, at administrator on remote control.

CDC complexes had been successful production tests in the North and Central mining-processing combines (documented by acts of the test) and can be used for crushed ore monitoring, coming from the quarry, at overload on crushing plants, at applying for grinding in mills in ore enrichment plants.


Control range of magnetic iron mass fraction: at the customer's request within 1,0-60,0% abs.
Precision control of magnetic iron mass fraction

- in the range 1-10% abs. constitutes +/-1,0 - +/-1,5% abs.

- in the range 10-35% abs. constitutes +/-0,5 - +/-1,0% abs.
- in the range 35-60% abs. constitutes +/-1,0 - +/-1,5% abs.
Recommended class of material size, in mm.: 0 – 20.
Control points number: in installed sensors number.
Converter type: Inductive, parametric, with variable geometry.
Element base: Microprocessor.
Operating principle: Measurement of entered in inductive impedance converter, which characterizes ore magnetic permeability.
Doesn’t require selection and special preparation of samples before control.
Display information: Digital in absolute %.
It provides an entry in database; archives creation in the form of tables and graphs;
Possibility of sampling data for interest period; average values calculation for concrete time interval.

Control ability in conveyor belt, in hardware mill, on base computer in operator room.



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